Saturday, April 19, 2008

Leah Ryerse, Miss World Canada 2008

Leah Ryerse, Miss Canada World 2008


WINNER: Leah Ryerse / winner goes to Miss World 2008
1st Runner-up: Simranjit Singh
2nd Runner-up: Shaileen Stanley
3rd Runner-up: Tea-Nercita Savic
4th Runner-up: Lena Ma

Leah Ryerse, Miss Canada World 2008

AGE 19, HEIGHT 5'10"

Leah is a student at McMaster University, doing a double honours B.A. in Health Studies / Social Work. She wants to work in health promotion and social work with children and the mentally ill. Being a positive influence on young women is imperative in Leah’s future goals.

Leah is a professional model. Her charity work includes Fashion Cares, the fundraiser for AIDS prevention. Her interests include learning about cultures through music and dance. Leah enjoys acting, dancing, roller-blading, baking, and reading.

She also represented her country at Miss World 2008, the 58th Miss World beauty pageant, will be held on October 4, 2008, at the Ukraina National Palace in Kiev, Ukraine.

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