Monday, April 14, 2008

Miss UK Universe 2008 Pageant, Finalists

THE MISS UNIVERSE UK COMPETITION is organised by Vibe Models and will take place in May 2008 at a location in the West Midlands. Around 50 women from England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales will compete for the coveted title. Proceeds from the competition will go to The Joshua Foundation.

  • Friday 15th February 2008 – Deadline for Applications
  • March 2008 – Quarter finals in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales
  • May 2008 – Grand Final
  • June 2008 – Miss Universe® competition (location TBA)

  • The young women who will take part in the final of Miss Universe UK have been chosen.

  • The English Finalists

  • Elizabeth Boateng / 20 age - Nottingham
    Hollie Booth / 20 age - Cambridge
    Lucie Brassington / 20 age - Reigate
    Shamiso Burt / 18 age - Kent

    Elizabeth Boateng - Miss UK 2008 (English Finalists) Hollie Booth - Miss UK 2008 (English Finalists) Lucie Brassington - Miss UK 2008 (English Finalists) Shamiso Burt - Miss UK 2008 (English Finalists)

    Rosanna Carr Taylor / 24 age - London
    Claire Crook / 20 age - Harrow on the Hill
    Samantha Sophia Del Greco / 18 age - Bath
    Jodi Edwards / 18 age - Worcester

    Rosanna Carr Taylor - Miss UK 2008 (English Finalists) Claire Crook - Miss UK 2008 (English Finalists) Samantha Sophia Del Greco - Miss UK 2008 (English Finalists) Jodi Edwards - Miss UK 2008 (English Finalists)

    Siobhan Fairs / 20 age - Sunderland
    Zerthun Feltamo / 25 age - London
    Melissa Halman / 23 age - London
    Paula Hector / 26 age - Thornton Heath

    Siobhan Fairs - Miss UK 2008 (English Finalists) Zerthun Feltamo - Miss UK 2008 (English Finalists) Melissa Halman - Miss UK 2008 (English Finalists) Paula Hector - Miss UK 2008 (English Finalists)

    Holly Ann Hill / 20 age - Brighton
    Gemma Jones / 22 age - Somerset
    Nicola Oxlade / 21 age - Leeds
    Katie Penn / 19 age - West Midlands

    Holly Ann Hill - Miss UK 2008 (English Finalists) Gemma Jones - Miss UK 2008 (English Finalists) Nicola Oxlade - Miss UK 2008 (English Finalists) Katie Penn - Miss UK 2008 (English Finalists)

    Annishia Lunette Watts / 20 age - Nottingham
    Kertreena Williams / 23 age - London
    Gemma Williams / 25 age - Wolverhampton
    Emma Henson / 19 age - Doncaster

    Annishia Lunette Watts - Miss UK 2008 (English Finalists) Kertreena Williams - Miss UK 2008 (English Finalists) Gemma Williams - Miss UK 2008 (English Finalists) Emma Henson - Miss UK 2008 (English Finalists)

    Lyndsey Davies / 21 age - Birmingham

    Lyndsey Davies - Miss UK 2008 (English Finalists)

  • The Northern Ireland Finalists

  • Sorcha Gribbon / 22 age - Antrim
    Loreena McMaster / 21 age - Coleraine
    Nichola Burrows / 22 age - Belfast

    Sorcha Gribbon - Miss UK 2008 (Northern Ireland Finalists) Loreena McMaster - Miss UK 2008 (Northern Ireland Finalists) Nichola Burrows - Miss UK 2008 (Northern Ireland Finalists)

  • The Scottish Finalists

  • Mariel Cunningham / 21 age - Stirling
    Rebecca Isabella McKechnie / 20 age - Glasgow
    Sharon McLaughlin / 22 age - Glasgow
    Kimberley Millar / 19 age - Glasgow

    Mariel Cunningham - Miss UK 2008 (Scottish Finalists) Rebecca Isabella McKechnie - Miss UK 2008 (Scottish Finalists) Sharon McLaughlin - Miss UK 2008 (Scottish Finalists) Kimberley Millar - Miss UK 2008 (Scottish Finalists)

    Gemma Sutherland / 20 age - Aberdeen

    Gemma Sutherland - Miss UK 2008 (Scottish Finalists)

  • The Welsh Finalists

  • Trudy Churchill / 20 age - Cardiff
    Laura Entwhistle / 20 age - Cardiff
    Danielle Fahiya / 18 age - Cardiff
    Emma Franklin / 20 age - Pontypridd

    Trudy Churchill - Miss UK 2008 (Welsh Finalists) Laura Entwhistle - Miss UK 2008 (Welsh Finalists) Danielle Fahiya - Miss UK 2008 (Welsh Finalists) Emma Franklin - Miss UK 2008 (Welsh Finalists)

    Letticia Hilda Hudson / 19 age - Wrexham
    Kelly Lynne Jones / 22 age - Swansea
    Lisa Lazarus / 20 age - Llanelli
    Laura Livesey / 26 age - Conwy

    Letticia Hilda Hudson - Miss UK 2008 (Welsh Finalists) Kelly Lynne Jones - Miss UK 2008 (Welsh Finalists) Lisa Lazarous - Miss UK 2008 (Welsh Finalists) Laura Livesey - Miss UK 2008 (Welsh Finalists)

    Samira Mohamed Ali / 23 age - Neath
    Clare Morgan / 21 age - Cardiff
    Hannah Pycroft / 18 age - Barry
    Beverley Roberts / 25 age - Trefeglwys

    Samira Mohamed Ali - Miss UK 2008 (Welsh Finalists) Clare Morgan - Miss UK 2008 (Welsh Finalists) Hannah Pycroft - Miss UK 2008 (Welsh Finalists) Beverley Roberts - Miss UK 2008 (Welsh Finalists)

    Bethan Vaughan / 21 age - Mamhilad
    Jamie Williams / 21 age - Powys
    Victorial Marie Luas / 21 age - Pontypool
    Jade Santwris / 18 age - Newport

    Bethan Vaughan - Miss UK 2008 (Welsh Finalists) Jamie Williams - Miss UK 2008 (Welsh Finalists) Victorial Marie Luas - Miss UK 2008 (Welsh Finalists) Jade Santwris - Miss UK 2008 (Welsh Finalists)

    Sarah Rowlands / 24 age - Welshpool

    Sarah Rowlands - Miss UK 2008 (Welsh Finalists)


    Anonymous said...

    dont mean to be unkind but the pictures of these girls are awful. im sure they look a lot better in the flesh but the standard of the uk entries is way below average for a contest of this calibre. Its a very high standard of competition and sorry but not one of these contestants makes the grade visually. Nice intelligent girls they may be but its a 'beauty pageant' and although judging people on looks is shallow its a cut throat industry where how you look is how you are ulitmately judged just take a look at past winners of miss Universe..and you will see my point

    Anonymous said...

    I agree, the pictures here are really REALLY bad, but actually I know a few of these girls and they are actually stunning! Several were Miss England finalists who did very well and are probably the ones to watch out for, including Rosanna Carr Taylor, Jodi Edwards, Melissa Halman and Nicola Oxlade. The photos look like they've dragged them out of bed with no make-up on though! VERY bad photography!

    Carly said...

    I agree with the last two comments the pictures are just AWFUL. I no Lisa Lazarus and she is much prettier in real life but the picture of her on here makes her look 40! VIBE the organisers of the competition are the same company that run the Miss Wales competition and looking at the finalists on the Miss Wales website it seems Vibe have used the same photographer as the pictures of the girls are simply awful and the pics on their modelling website vibemodels are just as bad. Sorry Vibe but you are not doing the girls any justice with these pictures, time to sack the photographer. Miss Englands website has great photos of their girls and when you click on the pics most of them have some more shots of the contestant and tell you a bit about them so its easier to base your vote on looks and personality.

    Hwang Jofun said...

    None of them stands out. UK will be a clapper this year at Miss Universe Pageant handsdown.

    leslie said...

    putting bad photography aside, out of these 40+ girls there are onli 2 or 3 who have any potential. I mean i know for sure that UK WILL NOT crack the semi finals in Vietnam this year. They need to pull out a ridiculously stunning girl and prepare and train her well next year if they have any choice of promoting their company. anywayz i will still be rooting for whoever wins dis year as it is my home country xxxxx

    Anonymous said...

    How sad - Miss Scotland, Wales, England were almost always gorgeous during the 1960's, 70's and early 1980's, and each competed at Miss Universe and England was also in the Top 15. These girls are terrible!

    Anonymous said...

    Who did the photography or the makeup? I don't know which is to blame but you would hope the girls look better without slap.
    I could find a number of women around town better than these, and twice thier age.
    They are just bad.

    Anonymous said...

    guys i actaully was a contestant but pulled out. My pic looks awful, they zoomed in on a full length instead of just using a proper pic of my face, even i thought it looked weird- didnt do anything for me and i know i dont look that bad lol

    Anonymous said...

    guys i actaully was a contestant but pulled out. My pic looks awful, they zoomed in on a full length instead of just using a proper pic of my face, even i thought it looked weird- didnt do anything for me and i know i dont look that bad lol

    Anonymous said...

    Previous poster Im sure you honestly look fantastic and what a shame you had to pull out of the competition. Yeah these pics are terrible and not exactly good promotional publicity for a competition like Miss Universe, hopefully the organisers will change the way the pics are taken and displayed ready for next year's competition as i'm sure they must be equally as disappointed with them as the girls. Checked out pictures of the winner and they prove that as she is soooooo much nicer. One thing I am a little surprised at is that on the winners myspace page it lists her experience and work as modelling (and she looks great doing it) but also it says she was a 'Honey Trapper' for Swansea Investigations. Nothing wrong with that at all but not sure its the sort of 'previous experience'you would expect a possible Miss Universe to have! Set that aside Good luck to you Lisa and enjoy the whole Miss Universe experience in Vietnam.

    siobhan said...

    yes the pictures are not great but as a sister of one of the contestants i can reasure that my sister is very pretty and unfortunately did not get the chance to go to london

    Anonymous said...

    Well I think its disgusting you people judging everyone by photos, its not down to you at the end of the day its the judges. I d like to see what youd look like I doubt it youd be as pretty as half of these girls !!! You probably wouldnt even make the semi finals!!!