Friday, June 6, 2008

MARCHE - Marina Crialesi is Finalist of Miss Mondo Italy 2008

MARCHE - Marina Crialesi

Number of race: 22
Age: 19 years
Occupation: Studentessa
Height: 173 cm.

Miss Mondo Italy 2008 will be held on June 7, 2008.
The winner will go to Miss World 2008.
Miss World 2008, the 58th Miss World beauty pageant, will be held on October 4, 2008, at the Ukraina National Palace in Kiev, Ukraine.


Descriviti with 3 adjectives
Nice, friendly, solar.

What makes you special?
I believe in the sincerity.

What is not rifaresti never again?
If I could go back in time not cambierei school.

We consider a good friend? Why?
Yes, because for friends there are always and they are willing to put myself, as my needs, in the second floor.

Discover that your best friend sparla you. How do you lead?
I try to address it and to clarify the reasons for his attitude.

How to win a man?
Trying to simply be myself.

What do you think of a person who has no goals?
I think it is a person empty.

Why not rinunceresti ever?
Not rinuncerei ever to moral values that my family taught me.

We give two thousand euros to spend a few minutes. What to buy?
I try to spend on useful things.

How think will change your life if you'll win?
Surely lifestyle.

MARCHE - Marina Crialesi

MARCHE - Marina Crialesi

MARCHE - Marina Crialesi

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