Saturday, June 7, 2008

Student was crowned Sambil Model (Venezuela Earth) 2008

Sambil Model (Venezuela Earth) 2008

Caracas, VENEZUELA - Maria Daniela Torrealba Pacheco (photo, left), an 18-year-old Psychology student from Caracas, was crowned Sambil Model 2008. She will represent her country at Miss Earth 2008.

Maria Daniela Torrealba

Maria Daniela Torrealba

Maria Daniela Torrealba

Andrea Matthies Bornhorst (photo, right) will travel to Ecuador, where she will represent Venezuela at Miss American Continent. Andrea is 20 and a studentof Journalism.

Maria Daniela (left),Andrea Matthies(right)

Andrea Matthies Bornhorst

The other finalists were:
  • Mariel Villalobos (2nd runner-up)
  • Maria Laura Verde (3rd runner-up)
  • Rosa Elena Zambrano (4th runner-up)

  • Mariel Villalobos Maria Laura Verde Rosa Elena Zambrano

    Other special awards' winners were:
  • Chica Prensa: Andrea Matthies Bornhorst
  • Figura Pepsi Light: Yulimar Roa
  • Chica Internet: Solange Romero
  • Chica Elegancia: Mónica Pallota
  • Chica Sambil Margarita: Paola López
  • Chica Sambil San Cristóbal: Yulimar Roa
  • Chica Sambil Barquisimeto: María Laura Verde
  • Chica Sambil Valencia: Mónica Pallota
  • Chica Sambil Caracas: María Daniela Torrealba
  • Chica Sambil Maracaibo: Mariel Villalobos

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