Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bb. Pilipinas 2009 Winners Announced

Bb. Pilipinas 2009 Winners Announced, Bb. Pilipinas Universe 2009 - Manalo, Bb. Pilipinas World 2009 - Umali and Bb. Pilipinas International 2009 - Gersbach

24 candidates competed competed for the title.

Manalo will represent Philippines for Miss Universe 2009 in Bahamas. Umali will complete in Miss World 2009 and Gersbach go to Miss International 2009.

Beauty Pageant Results:

* Bb. Pilipinas Universe 2009 was Pamela Bianca MANALO
* Bb. Pilipinas World 2009 was Marie-Ann UMALI
* Bb. Pilipinas International 2009 was Melody GERSBACH
* The 1st was Richell ANGALOT
* The 2nd was Regina HAHN

Top 10:

* Priscilla Mae HONORIO
* Vanessa Johnson
* April Love JORDAN
* Barbara SALVADOR

Special Awards:

Best in Gown was Umali
Miss Friendship was Rivamonte
Best in Talent was Angalot
Araneta Center Shopper's Choice Award was Angalot
Manila Bulletin Reader choice Award was Manalo
Miss Philippine Airlines was Manalo
Best in Swimsuit was Manalo
Miss Photogenic was Umali
Miss Salsa Jean was Honorio
Miss Natasha Beauty was Angalot
Miss Natasha was Manalo

Contestants Lists:

01. Vanessa Johnson
02. Carisheila May KUIJPERS
03. Richell ANGALOT
04. Gizelle Jasmin RIVAMONTE
05. Diana AREVALO
06. Maria Paula Bianca PAZ
07. Mary Jane dela CRUZ
08. Cheryl OLIVEROS
09. April Love JORDAN
10. Priscilla NAVIDAD
11. Regina HAHN
12. Jaysel ARROZAL
13. Sandra Inez SEIFERT
14. Keann MALLARI
15. Pamela Bianca MANALO
16. Mary Tiffany JONES
17. Marie-Ann UMALI
18. Marie Loraine de GUZMAN
19. Stephanie Rose SEÑIRES
20. Melody GERSBACH
21. Hazel SUTCH
22. Priscilla Mae HONORIO
23. Barbara SALVADOR
24. Abigail Lesley CRUZ


CosmoBhoy said...

The winners are all fresh faces and beautiful young women! At least these girls , Melody Gersbach, Pamela Manalo and Mary Anne Umali all look wholesome. eto mga winners make us all proud to be Pinays!

Anonymous said...

Disqualifying candidate #13 was the dumbest that BPCI ever did. She should have been the perfect entry to any of the three int'l competitions this year. I don't see any reason why posing in a men's mag would disqualify you while in fact most of the past winners had posed to this mags after their reign.

Anonymous said...

i agree. sandra's ready for int'l competitions unlike some of the winners. Though Manalo's tall, she needs hours of session at the gym.

Canadian-Filipino Fan said...

The reigning Philippine beauties, although very attractive, won't make it very far in the international pageants. There hasn't been a good candidate to come out from the BBPilipinas pageants lately. Frankly, I think it is because of "bad judging". I don't understand why the majority of the judges are all these foreign politicians (consul-generals etc.). I thinks the girls should be judged by a majority, at least, of Filipinos! I have never seen other national pageants judged by so many "outsiders"!!! Am I right on this??? Also, the disqualification of Sandra from the competition was a travesty and Filipinos alike should be outraged and show support for her. I hope she pursues legal means to make her point. It made the whole contest a debacle and has certainly tarnished its image. What a waste of time and effort for the organizers! Pweh!