Sunday, April 5, 2009

3 Winner Femina Miss India 2009 Announced

MUMBAI, April 5th – Pooja Chopra (C) will represent her country in Miss World 2009 pageant. Ekta Chaudhary (L) and Shriya Kishiori (R) to complete at Miss Universe 2009 and Miss Earth 2009 contest

The Beauty Queen 23 year-old Pooja Chopra, who 1.71 m tall won the title of Femina Miss India World 2009 at the Andheri Sports Complex on April 5, 2009 in Mumbai, India and telecast live to the whole country.

Femina Miss India World 2008, Parvathy Omanakuttan who was 1st runner-up in Miss World 2008 crowned her successor Pooja Chopra as the brand new Miss India World.

Pooja will represent her contry at the Miss World 2009 beauty pageant in Johannesburg, South Africa, next December.

While Ekta Chaudhary, 22 year-old was crowned Femina Miss India Universe 2009. She stands 1.77 m. tall and will represent the country at the Miss Universe 2009 pageant in the Bahamas.

Also Shriya Kishiore, 22 year-old was crowned Femina Miss India Earth 2009. She stands 1.79 m. tall and will represent India at 2009 Miss Earth beauty pageant, will be held between the 4th and 24th of October, 2009.

Completed Beauty Pagenant Results

* Femina Miss India World 2009 : Pooja Chopra
* Femina Miss India Universe 2009 : Ekta Chaudhary
* Femina Miss India Earth 2009 : Shriya Kishiore


* Harshita Saxena
* Irshita Sarkar

Special Awards

* Miss India Sexy Legs: Shriya Kishore
* Miss Fresh Face: Deeksha Seth
* Miss Agile: Harshita Sexena
* Miss Confident: Karishma Karnik
* Miss Beautiful Hair: Ragini Dwivedi
* Miss Beautiful: Niharika Naganda
* Miss Hospitality: Shriya Kishore
* Miss Photogenic: Dimple Patel
* Miss Beautiful Eyes: Niharika Naganda
* Golden Heart: Ishita Sarkar

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Video : Interview with Femina Miss India 2009 winners after coronation


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