Monday, April 27, 2009

A Beauty Therapist crown Miss World New Zealand 2009

AUCKLAND - A Beauty Therapist Magdalena Elizabeth Schoeman 18-year old was crowned Miss World New Zealand during a pageant held at the Dorothy Winstone Centre on April 25th.

Magdalena, who a Model from Christchurch , stands 1.73 m tall, and will represent the country at the Miss World 2009 pageant in Johannesburg, South Africa, December 13th.

Miss World New Zealand 2009 Completed Results

* Miss World New Zealand 2009: Magdalena Elizabeth Schoeman, will represent NZ at Miss World 2009 in Johannesburg, South Africa. Current formor Miss World 2008 is Ksenia Sukhinova from Russia.

* 1st Runner Up: Natalie Sangster, will represent New Zealand at Miss Tourism Queen International 2009 in Zhengzhou, China. Current former Miss Tourism Queen International 2008 is Silvia Cornejo from Peru.

* 2nd Runner Up; Kyla Hei Hei, will represent NZ at Miss Leisure World 2009 competition in Changchun, China. Current former Miss Leisure 2008 is Allina Leal from Australia

* 3rd Runner Up: Leilani Anne Marsters, will represent NZ at Miss International Model of the Year 2009 in Seoul, Korea

* 4th Runner Up: Hannah Matthews, will represent NZ at Miss Global Beauty Queen 2009 finals in Harbin, China. Current former Miss Global Beauty Queen 2008 is Almeida Abazi from Albania.

Fast Track Winners or the Eight (8) Finalists:

* Hannah Matthews - Beach Beauty
* Kyla Hei Hei - Best in Talent
* Leilani Anne Marsters - Top Model
* Jannat Kau - Beauty with a Purpose
* Magdalena Elizabeth Schoeman
* Natalie Sangster
* Geneva Sarah Lowe
* Nicole Millar

Special Awards:

* Magdalena Elizabeth Schoeman - Miss Photogenic
* Hannah Matthews - Best in Production Number
* Malorie Jane Cooney - Miss Personality
* Hazel Kidiwal - Miss Friendship
* Sunobha Nair - Pepole's Choice

Subsidiary Titles:

* Kyla Hei Hei - Best National Costume
* Magdalena Elizabeth Schoeman - Best Evening Gown



Anonymous said...

The newly crowned Miss World NZ has a beautiful face, good figure, smooth skin and articulate. New Zealand would be very proud to send her as their representative to Miss World 2009 finals in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

The current Miss NZ looks lovely. However, given that she was crowned way back in April, how come has her photo not yet appeared next to her name in the list of expected contestants for the Miss World contest? After all this time, it still only says "photo expected soon".