Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Costa Rica wins beauty Miss America Latina del Mundo 2009

PUNTA CANA, Dominican Republic: A 18-year-old psychology student from San Jose, Johanna Solano was crowned Miss America Latina del Mundo 2009 (or Miss Latin America in the World 2009) during the pageant held at the hotel Barceló Punta Cana Premium in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic on 23th May 2009.

Twenty-four 24 beautiful gorgeous candidates representing Spanish speaking nations competed in a night contest completition.

Completed Results:

* Miss America Latina del Mundo 2009 - Johanna Solano (Costa Rica)

* The 1st Runner-up - Diana Franca (USA)

* The 2nd Runner-up - Williana Siqueira (Brazil)

* The 3rd Runner-up - Denise Garrido (Canada)

* The 4th Runner-up - María Fernanda Fernández (Guatemala)

Completed Top 12:

* Massiel Vidal (Peru)

* Silma Ulloa (Nicaragua)

* Anmarie Camacho (Venezuela)

* Carla Stipek (Catalonia)

* Luisa María Correa (Ecuador)

* Jeannette Carballo (Canary Islands)

* Raisa Diaz (Puerto Rico)


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