Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Miss Universe Ireland 2009 Contestants

Miss Universe Ireland is a beauty pageant which started in 1961, and sends representatives to Miss Universe Pageant.

Miss Universe Ireland 2009 will be held in June 26, 2009 in the Abbey Theatre in Dublin. The winner will represent Ireland at Miss Universe 2009. The first runner up will enter Miss Europe 2009. The Second Runner Up will enter Miss Tourism Queen International 2009. The Third Runner Up will enter Miss Intercontinental 2009. The Fourth Runner Up will enter Miss Globe International 2009.

Miss Universe 2009 Contestants
Meeting before Photo Shoot

Miss Universe Ireland 2009 Contestants

Diana Donnelly 20 Miss Club 92
Haley Ryan 21 Miss news of the world
Rozanna Purcell 18 Miss Lillies Bordello
Hazel Britton 21 Miss Irish Sun
Alma McCabe 20 Miss Dublin City
Emma Quinlann 25 Miss Taboo Navan
Tara Lunch 19 Miss Laois
Claire Murray 19 Miss Belfast
Michelle Cummins 24 Miss Bondi
Eileen Crerar 18 Miss Bourjoi
Suzanne Jackson 24 Miss Hotspots
Aoife Turner 22 Miss Cork
Alyson Boyle 20 Miss UCD
Jill Macken 21 Miss Nass Court Hotel
Caitriona Hoy 19 Miss Spin South West
Bebhinn Mc Grath 19 Miss Waterford
Toni Harney 24 Miss Tipperary
Mary Beth O’Brien 22 Miss offaly
Kerri O’Connor 22 Miss Kerry
Ashley McNicolas 18 Miss Athlone

Video: Miss Universe Ireland 2009 Candidates Photo Shoot

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