Saturday, July 17, 2010

Miss Israel 2010

Miss Israel 2010
Shavit Wiesel (center) is flanked by Bat-El Jubi (right), and Gal Erez (left).

Twenty year old Israel Defense Forces soldier Shavit Wiesel from Kibbutz Be’eri was crowned as the new Miss Israel 2010 in a pageant held on March 8th in Haifa. She stands 1.80m tall and serving in the Teleprocessing Branch. She will compete at the Miss World 2010 beauty pageant.

The Israel’s Maiden of Beauty 2010 title was given to Bat-El Jubi, a 22 year old hotel receptionist from Afula. She stands tall at 1.72m. She will compete at the Miss Universe 2010 contest.

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