Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Road to Miss World 2010 Diamanto Gasteratou Miss World Greece

Miss Hellas 2010,Miss World Greece 2010,Diamanto – Maria GASTERATOU

Diamanto – Maria GASTERATOU (Greek : Μαντώ Γαστεράτου)(born 1988 in Athens) won the title "Miss Hellas 2010" (Miss Ελλάς) at the Miss Star Hellas pageant and will represent Greece at the Miss World 2010 pageant.

The beauty queen 1.76 m Diamanto is studying the Philosophy and History of Science at University. Her hobbies include; Basketball, Chess and Listening to Music. Diamanto can play the guitar and loves rock music. Personal Motto: ‘Be a sun which dries someone’s tears’.

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