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Adriana Vasini of Venezuela The 2nd Runner-up Miss World 2010 Biography

Adriana Vasini The 2nd Runner-up Miss World 2010
Name : Adriana VASINI
Age : 22
Height : 178
Languages : Spanish, English & basic Italian

Adriana Cristina Vasini Sánchez, (born July 30, 1987, in Maracaibo, Venezuela) is a beauty pageant titleholder who won Miss Venezuela Mundo 2009 and Reina Hispanoamericana 2009 titles.

Adriana comes from Maracaibo City and is a fourth year Medical student. Her ambition is to become a specialist in surgery and work for an International Health Organisation. Hobbies include; Roller skating, Reading, Flamenco dancing and Pilates. Personal Motto: ‘You only live once, make it worth it for you and others’.

Adriana Vasini The 2nd Runner-up Miss World 2010 Adriana Vasini The 2nd Runner-up Miss World 2010

Favourite Music / Books ?
Pop music and fantasy books (Twilight saga and Harry Potter).

What is the proudest moment of your life or most memorable day?
When my father had to leave the country to work in Mexico to support us I learned the value of family, so it has been hard for us.

Describe yourself
I am a nerd who found in beauty pageants an opportunity to participate in the world.

Favourite food ?
Tortellini in Brodo.

Future ambitions ?
To become a doctor and specialise in surgery. I want to work for International health organisations.

Special Talents ?

Any other interesting facts ?
The reason I entered a beauty pageant was that I thought my life was too regular and I needed to find myself in a different stage of life.

Adriana Vasini The 2nd Runner-up Miss World 2010 
courtesy of miss world website

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