Thursday, October 28, 2010

Miss Indiana USA 2011 Contestants

Miss Indiana USA 2010, Allison Biehle

Miss Indiana USA 2011 will be crowned on October 29-31, 2010 at The Renaissance, Indianapolis North Hotel, Carmel, Indiana. Miss Indiana USA 2010, Allison Biehle (photo above) will pass her crown to her successor at the end of the pageant.

The WINNER will represent Indiana in Miss USA 2011 beauty pageant to be held in next spring 2011.

Check out the photos of 2011 Miss Indiana USA Contestants:

Adrienne  Atkins
Adrienne Atkins

Melissa Francis Beal
Melissa Francis Beal

Brooke  Becchino
Brooke Becchino

Tusdae  Beeler
Tusdae Beeler

Rebecca  Bell
Rebecca Bell

Shae Berry
Shae Berry

Vesna  Bukur
Vesna Bukur

Hannah  Clingan
Hannah Clingan

Christina  DeVoe
Christina DeVoe

Hannah Mary Edelman
Hannah Mary Edelman

Bianca  Gogel
Bianca Gogel

Emily  Hart
Emily Hart

Whitney  Hatter
Whitney Hatter

Stephanie  Marx
Stephanie Marx

Andrea Nicole McCullum
Andrea Nicole McCullum

Michele  Myers
Michele Myers

Ashley  Nelis
Ashley Nelis

Erin  Olson
Erin Olson

Cecelia Jane Rickenbaugh
Cecelia Jane Rickenbaugh

Christina  Sendejas
Christina Sendejas

Melinda  Stelter
Melinda Stelter

Savanna Shntel Williams
Savanna Shntel Williams

Jillian  Wunderlich
Jillian Wunderlich

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