Sunday, March 6, 2011

Miss Ecuador 2011 contestants Headshot

Beauty Pageant > Ecuador > Miss Ecuador 2011 contestants

Miss Ecuador 2011 pageant will be held on March 17, 2011 at Recinto Ferial de Santo Domingo, Santo Domingo de los Colorados.

The pageant will be broadcast live by Gama TV and to be hosted by Roberto Rodriguez. The reigning Miss Ecuador 2010, Lady Fernanda Mina (photo) will crown her successor at the end of event.

The winner New Beauty Queen will represent her country at Miss Universe 2011 pageant to be held on September 12 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Miss Mundo Ecuador 2011 will compete at Miss World 2011 beauty contest.

While Miss Internacional Ecuador 2011 will enter the Miss International 2011 competition.

The 1st run-up will compete in Miss Empresarial 2011. And the 2nd run-up will be enter the Miss Atlantico Internacional 2012 next year.

Final Pageant > Miss Galapagos, Claudia Elena Schiess Fretz from Santa Cruz was crowned Miss Ecuador 2011

Miss Ecuador 2011 Candidates Headshot

miss ecuador 2011 carchi mireya isabel levy ortiz
Miss Carchi
Mireya Isabel Levy Ortiz
miss ecuador 2011 el oro andrea lissette mestanza ramarez
Miss El Oro
Andrea Lissette Mestanza Ramarez
miss ecuador 2011 esmeraldas jessica katherine mercado chasing
Miss Esmeraldas
Jessica Katherine Mercado Chasing
miss ecuador 2011 galapagos claudia elena schiess fretz
Miss Galapagos
Claudia Elena Schiess Fretz
miss ecuador 2011 guayas ana carolina Ootega salazar
Miss Guayas
Ana Carolina Ortega Salazar
miss ecuador 2011 guayas leslie ayala rodriguez
Miss Guayas
Leslie Ayala Rodriguez
miss ecuador 2011 guayas Maria Jose maza solorzano
Miss Guayas
Maria Jose Maza Solorzano
miss ecuador 2011 guayas Maria veronica vargas granja
Miss Guayas
Maria Veronica Vargas Granja
miss ecuador 2011 guayas olga mercedes alava vargas
Miss Guayas
Olga Mercedes Alava Vargas
miss ecuador 2011 loja jhoanna lizbeth ruiz moncada
Miss Loja
Jhoanna Lizbeth Ruiz Moncada
miss ecuador 2011 los rios rina maria canto aguilar
Miss Los Rios
Rina Maria Canto Aguilar
miss ecuador 2011 manabi evelyn natasha rivera chavez
Miss Manabi
Evelyn Natasha Rivera Chavez
miss ecuador 2011 manabi rocio claribel gonzalez loor
Miss Manabi
Rocio Claribel Gonzalez Loor
miss ecuador 2011 manabi romina vera cedeño
Miss Manabi
Romina Vera Cedeno
miss ecuador 2011 pichincha andrea hurtado murillo
Miss Pichincha
Andrea Hurtado Murillo
miss ecuador 2011 pichincha diana urresta valencia
Miss Pichincha
Diana Urresta Valencia
miss ecuador 2011 pichincha maria fernanda cornejo alfaro
Miss Pichincha
Maria Fernanda Cornejo Alfaro
miss ecuador 2011 santo domingo maria dolores saavedra santander
Miss Santo Domingo
Maria Dolores Saavedra Santander
miss ecuador 2011 santo domingo ruth estefania guevara yanez
Miss Santo Domingo
Ruth Estefania Guevara Yanez

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