Friday, July 8, 2011

Cyprus Beauty Pageant , Beauty Contest

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Miss Cyprus, (Greek: Μις Κύπρος), is the annual national Pancyprian beauty competition in Cyprus.

The first modern Cypriot competition took place in 1956. Since 1971 the organization has been financed by the famed brewing company Carlsberg. Since 1988 the competition has taken place st the Carlsberg-festival location. Since 1989 the Miss Cyprus beauty pageant has aired live on television.

The winners receive the titles "Star Kypros", '"Miss Kypros", "Miss Carlsberg" and "Miss Mediterranean". Winners of the event go on to represent Cyprus at the Miss Universe (Star Kypros), Miss World (Miss Kypros), plus two runners-up. The following abbreviations are used for the different titles: Only one person has gone to place in the beauty pagents which is Miss Cyprus 2002 who finished 8th.

* 2011 Miss Cyprus and Star Cyprus - Winners
* Miss Cyprus 2011 - Orthodoxia Panagi
* Star Cyprus 2011 - Andri Karantoni

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