Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Miss Tourism Queen International Pageant

Miss Tourism Queen International was founded by Mr. Charlie See. Since 1949, there have been more than 80 countries occasionally holding this competition for their Miss Tourism National Queen. In 1993, the Miss Tourism Queen International Organization held the first world final competition in Sri Lanka, and later in USA, Russia, Brazil, Germany, Japan, Singapore, and many other countries as well. Miss Tourism Queen International contests has been held in China for six years from 2004 to 2009.

In 2004, we had 55 delegates participating with India's Zabina Khan winning the crown. In 2005, there were 72 delegates with Greece's Nikoletta Ralli's winning the crown. In the 2006, we had 86 delegates participating and the contest was won by Justine Giabonza from the Philippines. In 2007, we passed the 100 countries mark, a 108 countries participated and Olga Zarubina and from Russia won the crown. In 2008, we had a recording breaking year with a 113 delegates participating and Silvia Cornejo of Peru won the contest. With each country's tourism ambassadors gathering together, the Miss Tourism Queen International Contest aims at enhancing the tourism development, the friendship among different countries, and international culture exchange.

The China National Final for Miss Tourism Queen International 2011 was held in Dalian on 26 April 2011. With full support of the local government, local tourism department and media across the country, Miss China Tourism Queen contest is recognized as the best among beauty pageants in China. As an annual celebration in the tourism and fashion world, Miss China Tourism Queen 211 combines visual and cultural enjoyment and emphasizes promotion of tourism and tourist city. There are a total of 15 provincial contests of which the top 3 winners of each province participated in China’s National Final. The winner goes on to represent China in Miss Tourism Queen International 2011 in Xi’an.

With the mutual benefit between Miss Tourism Pageant and Tourist City, this event attracts full support from different circles in the society, and the special involvement of the press and TV media. With around 250 press's coverage and over 50 TV media's broadcasting, Miss Tourism Queen International serves as an international platform for the involved regions, business brand, tourist cities, tourist products, fashion and luxury goods.

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* MTQI 2011 - Kantapat Peeradachainarin of Thailand
* MTQI 2011 - More photo Kantapat Peeradachainarin of Thailand
* MTQI 2011 - Crowning Moment
* MTQI 2011 - Contestants
* MTQI 2011 - Contestants In Evening Gown Portraits
* MTQI 2011 - All Candidates Official Posters
* MTQI 2010 - No Pageant
* MTQI 2009 - Ekaterina Grushanina (of Russia) / Miss Internet / Continental Queens / New Crown
* MTQI 2009 - Best Evening Gown / Best Swimsuit / Contestants
* MTQI 2008 - Silvia Cornejo (of Peru) / Contestants
* MTQI 2007 - Olga Zarubina (of Russia)
* MTQI 2006 - Justine Giabonza (of Philippines)
* MTQI 2005 - Nikoletta Ralli's (of Greece)
* MTQI 2004 - Zabina Khan (of India)

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