Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sigrún Eva Ármannsdóttir Crowned Ungfrú Ísland 2011 (Miss Iceland 2011)

Beauty Pageant > Iceland >
* Miss Iceland 2011 - Sigrún Eva Ármannsdóttir
* Miss Iceland 2010 - Fanney Ingvarsdóttir
* Miss Iceland 2009 - Guðrún Rúnarsdóttir / Candidates
* Miss Iceland 2008 - Alexandra Ívarsdóttir
* Miss Iceland 2007 - Jóhanna Vala Jónsdóttir

Sigrún Eva Ármannsdóttir Crowned Ungfrú Ísland 2011 (Miss Iceland 2011) 

Sigrún Eva Ármannsdóttir was crowned Ungfrú Ísland 2011 or Miss Iceland 2011 at the Broadway Club in Reykjavik on May 20, 2011. New Beauty Queen of Akranes is 18 year old and stands 1.80m.

Sigrún Eva Ármannsdóttir will represent Iceland in Miss World 2011 Pageant in London on November 8.

Ungfrú Ísland 2011 (Miss Iceland 2011) Results:
* Winner Miss Iceland 2011 was Sigrún Eva Ármannsdóttir
* The 1st runner-up was Guðlaug Dagmar Jónsdóttir
* The 2nd runner-up was Sigríður Dagbjört Ásgeirsdóttir
* Completed the Top 5 were Gurrí Jónsdóttir and Hjördís Hjörleifsdóttir

Sigrún Eva Ármannsdóttir Crowned Ungfrú Ísland 2011 (Miss Iceland 2011)

Sigrún Eva Ármannsdóttir Crowned Ungfrú Ísland 2011 (Miss Iceland 2011)
Sigrún Eva Ármannsdóttir and her runners-up

Credit: timesofbeauty

Iceland Beauty Pageant , Beauty Contest

* Ingibjörg will compete for Iceland in Miss Universe 2009

* Miss Iceland 2011 – Sigrún Eva Ármannsdóttir
* Miss Iceland 2011 – Sigrún Eva Ármannsdóttir ALBUM
* Miss Iceland 2010 – Fanney Ingvarsdóttir
* Miss Iceland 2009 - Guðrún Rúnarsdóttir / Candidates
* Miss Iceland 2008 - Alexandra Ívarsdóttir )
* Miss Iceland 2007 - Jóhanna Vala Jónsdóttir )

* Miss Reykjavik 2009 - Magdalena Dubik

Friday, May 20, 2011

Actress and model from Colombo , Pushpika Sandamali De Silva Crowned Miss World Sri Lanka 2011

Beauty pageant > Sri Lanka >
* Derana Veet Miss Sri Lanka for Miss World 2011 – Winner is Pushpika Sandamali De Silva
* Derana Veet Miss Sri Lanka for Miss World 2011 – Pushpika Sandamali De Silva ALBUM
* Derana Veet Miss Sri Lanka for Miss World 2010 ( Winner / Final Contestants )
* Miss Universe Sri Lanka 2010 ( Winner / Contestants )

Actress and model from Colombo , Pushpika Sandamali De Silva Crowned Miss World Sri Lanka 2011

The Actress and model from Colombo, Pushpika Sandamali De Silva, 21, was crowned as the new Derana Veet Miss Sri Lanka for Miss World 2011 (or Miss World Sri Lanka 2011) at the Galadari Hotel in Colombo. She will represent Sri Lanka in Miss World 2011 in London, England on November 8.

While Shimalka Bodaragama and Chamupa Godage were the runner-ups.

Riza Santos Crowned Miss World Canada 2011

Beauty Pageant > Canada >
* Miss World Canada 2011 - Winner is Riza Santos
* Miss World Canada 2011 - Contestants
* Miss World Canada 2010 - Winner - Denise Garrido / Contestants )
* Miss World Canada 2009 - Winner - Lena Yanbing Ma / Contestants )
* Miss World Canada 2008 - Winner - Leah Ryerse

Riza Santos Crowned Miss World Canada 2011 
Riza Santos Crowned Miss World Canada 2011

Riza Santos, 23, a Calgary beauty queen of Filipino, Spanish, and Chinese ancestry, was crowned Miss World Canada 2011 at the River Rock Show Theater in Richmond on May 19, 2011.

Riza competed in Miss Earth 2006, but did not place among the semi-finalists. She placed 2nd in the Philippines Big Brother – Celebrity Edition 2. Inspired by her grandparents, the new Miss World Canada has completed training courses with the Canadian Forces.

New Beauty Queen, who stands 5 ft 7 in (1.70 m), will represent Canada in Miss World 2011 in London, England on November 8.

Photo Credit: Amy Williams. / miss world canada website

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bermuda Beauty Pageant , Beauty Contest

Beauty Pageant > Bermuda >

Bermuda is a British overseas territory in the North Atlantic Ocean. Located off the east coast of the United States, its nearest landmass is Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, about 1,030 kilometres (640 mi) to the west-northwest. It is about 1,373 kilometres (853 mi) south of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, and 1,770 kilometres (1,100 mi) northeast of Miami, Florida. Its capital city is Hamilton.

Miss Bermuda is a pageant held annually to select Bermuda's representative to Miss World Pageant.

* Miss Bermuda 2012 - Rochelle Minors
* Miss Bermuda 2012 - Meet 6 Contestants
* Miss Bermuda 2011 - Jana Lynn Outerbridge
* Miss Bermuda 2011 - Contestants In Parade
* Miss Bermuda 2011 - Official Contestants

Miss England 2011 Finalists

Beauty Pageant > England >
* Miss England 2011 - Finalists
* Miss England 2010 - Jessica Linley
* Miss England 2009 - Katrina Hodge
* Miss England 2009 - Rachel Christie (resigned)
* Miss England 2008 - Laura Coleman / Semi-Finalists

Miss England 2010,Jessica Linley
Jessica Linley : Miss England 2010

The Miss England 2011 final will be held on July 19th 2011 at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole. Semifinal will take place on Monday, June 13th. The Beauty Queen winner will represent England at the Miss World 2011 pageant.

Miss England 2010, Jessica Linley of Nottingham (photo above) will crown her successor at the end of the event.

Check out below The Finalists 2011 Miss England

Emily Ballard Miss England 2011 Finalist
01 Natural Curves
Miss England Finalist
Emily Ballard

Rebecca Morton Miss England 2011 Finalist
02 Rugby
Miss England Finalist
Rebecca Morton

Jenna Horgan Miss England 2011 Finalist
03 Champneys
Miss England Finalist
Jenna Horgan

Terianne Sutton Miss England 2011 Finalist
04 Leicester
Miss England Finalist
Terianne Sutton

Roshni Pink Miss England 2011 Finalist
05 Black Country
Miss England Finalist
Roshni Pink

Tamzin Cummings Miss England 2011 Finalist
06 Modelzed
Miss England Finalist
Tamzin Cummings

Yasmin Motovalli Miss England 2011 Finalist
07 East Sussex
Miss England Finalist
Yasmin Motovalli

Simran Gill Miss England 2011 Finalist
08 Asian Model
Miss England Finalist
Simran Gill

Amy Spinks Miss England 2011 Finalist
09 Norwich
Miss England Finalist
Amy Spinks

Emma Wallace Miss England 2011 Finalist
10 Nottingham
Miss England Finalist
Emma Wallace

Leonie Alicia James-Allen Miss England 2011 Finalist
11 Rutland
Miss England Finalist
Leonie Alicia James-Allen

Chelsea Emma Edgington Miss England 2011 Finalist
12 Mansfield & Sherwood Forest
Miss England Finalist
Chelsea Emma Edgington

Kelly Baxter Miss England 2011 Finalist
13 Camberley
Miss England Finalist
Kelly Baxter

Amy willerton Miss England 2011 Finalist
14 Bath City
Miss England Finalist
Amy willerton

Sarah Wells Miss England 2011 Finalist
15 Derby
Miss England Finalist
Sarah Wells

Georgina Denton Miss England 2011 Finalist
16 Hampshire
Miss England Finalist
Georgina Denton

Natalie James Miss England 2011 Finalist
17 Staffordshire
Miss England Finalist
Natalie James

Alexandra May Brailsford Miss England 2011 Finalist
18 Reigate
Miss England Finalist
Alexandra May Brailsford

Malin Andersson Miss England 2011 Finalist
19 Professional
Miss England Finalist
Malin Andersson

Clara Belle Miss England 2011 Finalist
20 Durham
Miss England Finalist
Clara Belle

Anastasia Smith Miss England 2011 Finalist
21 York
Miss England Finalist
Anastasia Smith

Larissa Hirst Miss England 2011 Finalist
22 Dorset
Miss England Finalist
Larissa Hirst

Ilaria Pignatelli Miss England 2011 Finalist
23 Bristol
Miss England Finalist
Ilaria Pignatelli

Rosie Godfrey-Lockwood Miss England 2011 Finalist
24 Guildford
Miss England Finalist
Rosie Godfrey-Lockwood

Lorie-Beth Corr Miss England 2011 Finalist
25 Newark & District
Miss England Finalist
Lorie-Beth Corr

Bethany Tamsett Miss England 2011 Finalist
26 Essex
Miss England Finalist
Bethany Tamsett

Hannah Higgins Miss England 2011 Finalist
27 South Yorkshire
Miss England Finalist
Hannah Higgins

Alexandra Devine Miss England 2011 Finalist
28 Harrogate & District
Miss England Finalist
Alexandra Devine

Rissikat Bade Miss England 2011 Finalist
29 London
Miss England Finalist
Rissikat Bade

Roxanne Smith Miss England 2011 Finalist
30 Sutton Coldfield
Miss England Finalist
Roxanne Smith

Margarita Nazarenko Miss England 2011 Finalist
31 South WestLondon
Miss England Finalist
Margarita Nazarenko

Harriet Cole Miss England 2011 Finalist
32 West Sussex
Miss England Finalist
Harriet Cole

Abbie Green Miss England 2011 Finalist
33 Wigan
Miss England Finalist
Abbie Green

Cara Forrester Miss England 2011 Finalist
34 Cumbria
Miss England Finalist
Cara Forrester

Leanne Wilford Miss England 2011 Finalist
35 Scarborough & District
Miss England Finalist
Leanne Wilford

Georgia Stanwix Miss England 2011 Finalist
36 Bedfordshire
Miss England Finalist
Georgia Stanwix

Jade Williams Miss England 2011 Finalist
37 Stratford Upon Avon
Miss England Finalist
Jade Williams

Alize Lily Mounter Miss England 2011 Finalist
38 Everymodel
Miss England Finalist
Alize Lily Mounter

Katie Farr Miss England 2011 Finalist
39 University
Miss England Finalist
Katie Farr

Verity Gwilliam Miss England 2011 Finalist
40 Worcester
Miss England Finalist
Verity Gwilliam

Kelsey Sutcliffe Miss England 2011 Finalist
41 Leeds
Miss England Finalist
Kelsey Sutcliffe

Louise Huntington Miss England 2011 Finalist
42 Wirral
Miss England Finalist
Louise Huntington

Harriet Noakley Miss England 2011 Finalist
43 Blackburn
Miss England Finalist
Harriet Noakley

Hannah Gray Miss England 2011 Finalist
44 Newcastle
Miss England Finalist
Hannah Gray

Shiralee Gould Miss England 2011 Finalist
45 Weymouth
Miss England Finalist
Shiralee Gould

Natalie Cutler Miss England 2011 Finalist
46 Birmingham
Miss England Finalist
Natalie Cutler

Hollie Robinson Miss England 2011 Finalist
47 West Lancashire
Miss England Finalist
Hollie Robinson

Josephine Logan Miss England 2011 Finalist
48 Wiltshire
Miss England Finalist
Josephine Logan

Sarah Fairley Miss England 2011 Finalist
49 Liverpool
Miss England Finalist
Sarah Fairley

Laura Hickey Miss England 2011 Finalist
50 Northumberland
Miss England Finalist
Laura Hickey

Leanne Ward Miss England 2011 Finalist
51 Cornwall
Miss England Finalist
Leanne Ward

Georgia Mariah Coultas Miss England 2011 Finalist
52 Shropshire
Miss England Finalist
Georgia Mariah Coultas

Shonagh Horgan Miss England 2011 Finalist
53 Preston
Miss England Finalist
Shonagh Horgan

Sophie Chryssaphes Miss England 2011 Finalist
54 Hertfordshire
Miss England Finalist
Sophie Chryssaphes

Sophie-Leigh Anderson Miss England 2011 Finalist
55 Fylde Coast
Miss England Finalist
Sophie-Leigh Anderson

Philippa Attle Miss England 2011 Finalist
56 Sunderland
Miss England Finalist
Philippa Attle

Laura Gregory Miss England 2011 Finalist
57 Middlesex
Miss England Finalist
Laura Gregory

Nicola McConnell Miss England 2011 Finalist
58 Manchester
Miss England Finalist
Nicola McConnell

Melanie Kollatou Miss England 2011 Finalist
59 Lincolnshire
Miss England Finalist
Melanie Kollatou

Samantha Cross Miss England 2011 Finalist
60 Cheshire
Miss England Finalist
Samantha Cross

Courtenay Rose Dodd Miss England 2011 Finalist
61 Lipsy
Miss England Finalist
Courtenay Rose Dodd