Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Miss Venezuela 2011 - Contestants

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Miss Venezuela 2011, the 59th Miss Venezuela pageant, will be held at Estudio 1 in Venevisión, Caracas, in October 15, 2011.

The show will be broadcasted live from Venevision and it will be watched simultaneously from Colombia, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru , and it will be hosted by Daniela Kosan and Leonardo Villalobos. Vanessa Goncalves, Miss Venezuela 2010 will crown her successor.

At the same time Ivian Sarcos Miss Venezuela Mundo 2010, Jessica Barboza Miss Venezuela Internacional 2010. and Caroline Medina Miss Venezuela Tierra 2010 will crown their successor respectively at the end Of the event.

Here are the Official Contestants of Miss Venezuela 2011:

Miss Venezuela 2011 Amazonas Diana Wood
Miss Amazonas
Diana Wood
Miss Venezuela 2011 Anzoategui Catiuska Zapata
Miss Anzoategui
Catiuska Zapata
Miss Venezuela 2011 Apure Jeserly Gutierrez
Miss Apure
Jeserly Gutierrez
Miss Venezuela 2011 Aragua Alexandra Hernandez
Miss Aragua
Alexandra Hernandez

Miss Venezuela 2011 Barinas Astrid Lozada
Miss Barinas
Astrid Lozada

Miss Venezuela 2011 Bolivar Fanny Ottati
Miss Bolivar
Fanny Ottati

Miss Venezuela 2011 Carabobo Isabela Ramos
Miss Carabobo
Isabela Ramos

Miss Venezuela 2011 Cojedes Angela Ramirez
Miss Cojedes
Angela Rámirez

Miss Venezuela 2011 Delta Amacuro Ivany Guzman
Miss Delta Amacuro
Ivany Guzman

Miss Venezuela 2011 Distrito Capital Gabriela Ferrari
Miss Distrito Capital
Gabriela Ferrari

Miss Venezuela 2011 Falcon Haydee Castillo
Miss Falcon
Haydee Castillo

Miss Venezuela 2011 Guarico Blanca Aljibes
Miss Guarico
Blanca Aljibes

Miss Venezuela 2011 Lara Carla Rodrigues
Miss Lara
Carla Rodrigues

Miss Venezuela 2011 Merida Yasmeira Molina
Miss Merida
Yasmeira Molina

Miss Venezuela 2011 Miranda Isabel Zamora
Miss Miranda
Isabel Zamora
Miss Venezuela 2011 Monagas Rossana Medina
Miss Monagas
Rossana Medina

Miss Venezuela 2011 Nueva Esparta Gabriela Quiñonez
Miss Nueva Esparta
Gabriela Quinonez

Miss Venezuela 2011 Portuguesa Andrea Baptista
Miss Portuguesa
Andrea Baptista

Miss Venezuela 2011 Sucre Irene Esser
Miss Sucre
Irene Esser

Miss Venezuela 2011 Tachira Milagro Manrique
Miss Tachira
Milagro Manrique
Miss Venezuela 2011 Trujillo Maria Vera
Miss Trujillo
Maria Vera

Miss Venezuela 2011 Vargas Sara Coello
Miss Vargas
Sara Coello

Miss Venezuela 2011 Yaracuy Osmariel Villalobos
Miss Yaracuy
Osmariel Villalobos

Miss Venezuela 2011 Zulia Maria Criollo
Miss Zulia
Maria Criollo

Leila Lopes Miss Universe 2011 A day after the Crowning

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Miss Universe 2011, Leila Lopes of Angola, The first day of new Beauty Queen she was interviewed by Rede Band at the Hilton Hotel on Tuesday morning, this was her first official appearance as the new titleholder.

Leila Lopes will travel to New York at the Trump Tower Apartment which will be her home during her reign as the 60th Miss Universe. Her first appearances will visit to Singapore and to Indonesia.

Enjoy below the photos of Leila Lopes Miss Universe 2011 A day after the Crowning