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2012 Miss Panamá Winners

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* Miss Panamá 2012 – Winners
** Miss Panamá 2012 (Universe) was Stephanie Vander Werf
** Miss Panamá World 2012 was Maricely Gonzalez
** Miss Panamá International 2012 was Karen Jordan
** Miss Panamá Earth 2012 was Ana Lorena Ibañez
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* Miss Panamá 2012 - Test Room Preliminary (video)
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Stephanie Vander Werf (Miss Panama Universe), Ana Lorena Ibañez (Miss Panama Earth),
Karen Jordan (Miss Panama International) and Maricely Gonzalez (Miss Panama World)

Stephanie Vander Werf (25), a TV presenter and restaurant manager from Panama City was crowned Miss Panama 2012 during an event held at the Riu Plaza Panama on March 30th.  Vander Werf, who holds a degree in public relations, stands 177 cm and will represent her country at the Miss Universe 2012 pageant in December.

Crowned as Miss Panama World 2012 was Maricely Gonzalez (23) who will compete in the Miss World pageant in Ordos, China; Gonzalez is a singer and student who stands 172 cm in height.

Miss Panama International 2012 is Karen Jordan, and Miss Panama Earth 2012 is Ana Lorena Ibañez.

Stephanie Vander Werf (Miss Panama Universe), Ana Lorena Ibañez (Miss Panama Earth),
Maricely Gonzalez (Miss Panama World) and Karen Jordan (Miss Panama International)

Yinela Yero and Astrid Caballero completed the Top 6 finalists. 12 women competed in the pageant, which had Miss Universe 2010 Ximena Navarrete as special guest. Photos courtesy Reinas Universal and Zoom Panama

15-Stephanie-Vander-Werf-01.jpg image by misscontest
Stephanie Vander Werf

01-Maricely-Gonzalez-01.jpg image by misscontest
Maricely González

16-Karen-Jordan-01.jpg image by misscontest
Karen Jordan

12-Ana-Lorena-Ibanez-01.jpg image by misscontest
Ana Lorena Ibañez

10-Yinela-Yero-01.jpg image by misscontest
Yinela Yero

14-Astrid-Caballero-01.jpg image by misscontest
Astrid Caballero

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