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Ali Sarchuk

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Miss Universe Canada 2012 - National Finalist

Ali Sarchuk

Ali Sarchuk , Miss Universe Canada 2012 - National Finalist

Age: 22 | Height: 5’10″
Hometown: Saskatoon, SK

Throughout Ali’s adolescent years, she had undertaken bullying nearly daily – whether that be from being overweight or taller than most of her peers.  As such, she struggled to even complete high school education.

Although Ali was a very unpretentious and intelligent girl, the trials and tribulations from high school seemed to put a damper on her emotional and physical mindset.  Fortunately, she had her family to always be behind her; pushing her through the state of enmity.

Upon graduation from high school, Ali set out to make a complete lifestyle change to transition herself into the successful, confident, and intelligent girl everyone knew she was.  Within a few months after high school graduation, Ali enrolled in her first year of university with the University of Saskatchewan.

Although she wasn’t entirely sure as to which career path she wanted to endure, she knew it was within law.  Consequently, she has now obtained two post-secondary diplomas with honours in the legal field (she has also obtained the highest typing speed within her college, typing an astonishing 120 words per minute).

She has worked in law firms within Saskatoon for nearly two years.  In the beginning, Ali was unsure if she was ready to undertake the challenges and educational advancements to become a lawyer.  However, she is now on the path to pursuing just that.  Ali will be writing her Law School Admission Test this fall in hopes of being accepted into law with the University of Saskatchewan in 2013.  Her focus within law will be on criminal law as she has had a strong passion for such throughout her entire life.

Aside from Ali’s educational background, Ali is a very talented piano player.  Piano playing is a skill that proved to help Ali “escape” from the tribulations of high school; therefore, she has been playing piano for many years.  She believes that the ability to augment the sound of a note with simply a touch is a subtle yet striking way to show passion within music.  Ali has received her Grade 8 certification from the Royal Conservatory of Music, and as such has received a silver medal for receiving the highest mark in Saskatchewan on one of her Royal Conservatory of Music’s exams.

Ali also has a very healthy lifestyle, which has turned her into a role model within her community.  Being overweight for many years, Ali has successfully lost 45 pounds and has immensely transformed her life.  Eating smarter, working out, and being active are the three main ingredients to a healthy lifestyle which Ali is proud to have conquered.  Ali is now following a strict fitness routine to keep up her physical health, and as such helps her friends and family with doing the same.  Everyone who knows Ali truly believes that she is an inspirational success story.  From facing bullying, which had nearly altered her entire life, Ali is a strong believer in helping to raise awareness for such a cause.  Ali has written an autobiography based solely on her mislead tribulations throughout her adolescent years.  This autobiography has been offered to be featured on the television shows Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil, and Dr. Drew.

Ali strongly believes that victims of bullying are the best individuals to speak to the public about the same; therefore, Ali will be helping out with the Red Cross Pink Shirt (anti-bullying) campaign this spring and will be doing the same in the future annually.  Finally, Ali is extremely family oriented; her family has been her constant stable support group throughout her entire life.  Ali’s grandmother including other family members have been diagnosed with cancer and the majority are survivors.  Because of this, Ali was proud to have appeared in a published 2011 calendar (month of June and cover model) to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer.  She will be volunteering her time to helping organize the same calendar for 2013.

Ali truly is an inspirational woman who believes that one person is able to make a difference within society.  Miss Universe Canada stands for intelligence, beauty, confidence, and a giving soul.  As such, Ali is striving to prove that these four outstanding qualities truly do make for an inspirational role model and she is pursuing the path to being just that.

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