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Alicia George

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Miss Universe Canada 2012 - National Finalist

Alicia George

Alicia George , Miss Universe Canada 2012 - National Finalist

Age: 20 | Height: 5’10″
Hometown: Surrey, BC

Alicia is a very driven and compassionate woman who just entered into her third year as a full time student, towards a degree in economics as Kwantlen Polytechnic University and hopes to complete a joint Major in Economics and Business Administration at Simon Fraser University. At 20 years old, Alicia has always had a passion for being creative and has always been an artistic, intelligent, well-rounded and respected young woman.

She also has an amazing work ethic by working as a customer service representative at Future Shop, as well as an office assistant at Canusa Wood Products in downtown Vancouver.  Not only does she work two jobs, but she also attends Kwantlen Polytechnic University as a full-time student working towards her degree.

On Alicia’s list of priorities, her family is number one. Coming from a very large family, having 5 brothers and sisters including a twin sister, as well as her loving parents, Alicia has always kept her family close at heart.

Growing up and following the footsteps of her older brother, Alicia has always had a very active lifestyle outside of school. Always being interested in running and being a part of a team, she joined various sports throughout her school years. The sport which she recognizes with the most would have to be rugby, which she played for four years and later went back and refereed and coached. By being on the Senior Girls Rugby team and in her last year being a captain, Alicia made extra effort to be a role model for the younger girls on the team. Not only was she someone the girls could look up to on the field but also off it.

Early on in high school Alicia participated in many different leadership courses and volunteering opportunities that presented themselves. She was always told that it was not about the recognition of others when doing a good deed, but the feeling that you got when doing something nice for someone else. Alicia volunteered with Hoops 4 Hope, a non-profit organization which created HIV and AIDS awareness in South Africa and Zimbabwe through sports and life skills camps.

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