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Amanda Morie

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Miss Universe Canada 2012 - National Finalist

Amanda Morie

Amanda Morie , Miss Universe Canada 2012 - National Finalist

Age: 24 | Height: 5’6″
Hometown: Edmonton, AB

Amanda Morie is a person who strives to be the best each and every day. Today is an opportunity for something new and great, an opportunity to give back and achieve the best for you and others. Life is a luxury and all the simple little things are what keep Amanda smiling, appreciative and adventurous. She sees the beauty in everyone’s characteristics and cherishes them to the fullest.

Amanda is always happy, positive, committed and driven by the world and its cultures, people, traditions around her. She has a strong sense of self, confidence, fulfillment and purpose but is continuously working on her personal growth to achieve the best quality of life and balance of life. She loves to stay active and by doing so she likes to work out as much as she can to keep the body and mind clear and healthy.

Amanda is a recent graduate from the University of Alberta 2010 in Elementary Education and Fine Arts (Music, Art, Dance, Drama). She also holds a designation as a wedding and event planner through Wedding Planner Institute of Canada which she received in April 2011.

In April 2011, Amanda entered a competition to be an Ambassador for Groupe Dynamite ( in which she had to submit a fashion video, questionnaire about why she loves fashion and Dynamite, and a resume. As a result, her and five others won the competition from hundreds of applicants across Canada and are now the official Ambassadors’ for Dynamite.

Amanda started taking private flute lessons when she was seven years old. She then joined the Edmonton Sabers Marching Band and learned how to play in a band setting. As a result she travelled a lot with the band for field shows, concerts, parades, performances and tours across the country and the United States. At ten years of age and won her first personal award for Best Woodwind Player across Alberta under the age of 18. She then moved on to play in the Edmonton All City Band where she played solo flute, lead flute, and piccolo while still taking private lessons and playing as well in the Symphonic Band at her high school.

Amanda loved to draw when she was young and started taking art classes in junior high. At the age of twelve, she won the Artist of the Year award, beating out all the other students in her school. She continued to follow her passion and completed her first group exhibition at the age of fourteen. Her first painting ever, won a juried show and travelled across galleries in Alberta.

She started her art business under her name Amanda Morie in late 2010 ( Since then she has done five gallery showings,  has two due for this year, been featured internationally four times in Aesthetica Magazine based out of the United Kingdom which sells internationally and signed on a huge solo exhibition for September to October 2013 at New Art Centre in New York, NY. She will also be represented at Artexpo 2012 New York, which is the worlds largest and oldest art fair. Amanda also recently published her first art book through the Brooklyn Art Library and will have the original book tour the entire year across North America to different galleries. The book is dedicated to young people who feel at a lost with themselves.

Amanda has a huge passion for animals’ especially homeless dogs in countries and cities where they are disregarded. If Amanda were to become Miss Universe Canada she would love to help organizations who work in rescuing animals and shed light on people of the big situation thousands of animals are facing in our country and others around the world today.

Another reason why Amanda wants to be Miss Universe Canada is because she wants to create lasting change for herself and for others by doing everything in her capabilities and to follow through with all the best that she can. She wants youth to have a role model they can relate to and be inspired by and know that they too can have the achievement of making a difference. She would also love to share her passion of art and education with the youth of our generation.

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