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Brianne Kidner

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Miss Universe Canada 2012 - National Finalist

Brianne Kidner

Miss Universe Canada 2012 - National Finalist

Age: 19 | Height: 5’8″
Hometown: Edmonton, AB

Brianne is in her second year at the University of Alberta pursuing her degree in the Collaborative Nursing Program. Her biggest ambition is to become a Nurse Practitioner at the Children’s Stollery Hospital. She is passionate about helping others and is determined to improve the quality of life for individuals in her community. She has volunteered with Edmonton’s Mustard Seed and Hope Mission to help those less fortunate, and has helped fundraise and create awareness for the MS Society, among others.

Currently, she is in the process of developing a non-profit organization for sexually abused youth in Canada. Her goal is to create a safe, positive, caring and stable environment to help youth heal their emotional, physical, and spiritual scars.

Brianne wants to represent Canada on the international level because her objective is to utilize the pageant as a platform to further the awareness and prevention of child abuse.  She believes that this will provide her with an opportunity to make a significant difference by increasing her skills and experience with charitable organizations.

Her major hobbies include modeling, baking, travelling and writing poetry.  Brianne loves the outdoors, is an avid snowboarder, enjoys football and looks forward to camping in the summer. She can often be found at the local gym participating in strength training, spinning or yoga. Brianne currently models for the International Agency Nouveau Riche doing runway and editorial.

Brianne’s outgoing personality, quirky sense of humor, positive attitude and dedication inspire those around her. She has a strong sense of traditional family values and surrounds herself with a loving and supportive family. She is very close with her younger sisters and mother.

Brianne’s personal motto is: “Every experience in life is an opportunity. An opportunity to learn, an opportunity to grow and an opportunity to become the person you want to be”.Brianne is committed to helping others, acting as a role model and is determined to achieve success in all areas of her life.

Sponsors: Family and Friends

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