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Christine Adela White

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Miss Universe Canada 2012 - National Finalist

Christine Adela White

Age: 26 | Height: 5’11″
Hometown: Vancouver, BC

Christine Adela White studied at the University of British Columbia where she attained a B.A. in Music, Minor Psychology. She was inducted into the Golden Key honour society as part of her achievement in placing within the top 15% in academics within her faculty. Christine has always had a passion for learning and teaching, and a profound love and respect for music education and therapy.

As a child, Christine was signed with a modeling and talent agency, but the experience was short-lived, as she felt the need to prioritize her education (a mind-set that followed through since grade school).

She currently works privately as a music teacher where students under her tutelage take upon the disciplines of piano, voice, and music theory. And now since graduated and situated in her career, Christine has removed modeling from the back burner, and takes pride in her job as both a music teacher and model for runway and commercial print.

Christine believes that part of being a Canadian is recognizing and appreciating the values of multiculturalism. To complement her Canadian identity, she is also very proud of her Filipino heritage. Her mother hails from a humble town in Pangasinan, where Christine has visited several times since she was a child.

While she enjoyed her time in the Philippines, she could not overlook the poverty that she witnessed – she recalls a young girl standing on a busy street median, desperately trying to sell flowers to any stopped vehicle. Christine was taken aback as she perceived the metaphor of the situation, should the girl continue to do the same as a grown woman.

Alongside cyber-bullying and “The Ride to Conquer Cancer,” Christine has made an effort to bring awareness to humanitarian groups such as the SOS Children’s Villages in hopes that, universally, Canadians will reach out to abandoned children, like the flower-girl in the Philippines.

In 2011, Christine participated in the Ride to Conquer Cancer, raising $2,500 to benefit the B.C. Cancer foundation. Her most fulfilling moment yet is crossing the finish line on her bike after a long 270KM ride along the Pacific coast to Seattle, Washington. She did this in memory of her sister Laura. Inspired by the journey and her drive to help find a cure, she plans to ride again this year in June, soon after the pageant; it is for this reason that she proudly includes “The Ride” as part of the platform she has been fundraising for.

Christine is deemed to embody a quiet confidence. She is proud to share that her father, a retired 65-year old, is joining her this year in The Ride in memory of Laura. If he can ride 270 km and find the motivation to do so, anyone can find the will-power and humility to reach out to altruistic causes greater than our own endeavours.

It is actions like these that Christine wishes to advocate and instill in others; right thought and right action, said best by author and motivational speaker Robin Sharma, “Ideation without execution is simply delusion.”

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