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Ellyse Lindley

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Miss Universe Canada 2012 - National Finalist

Ellyse Lindley

Age: 20 | Height: 5’9″
Hometown: Prince Rupert, BC

Ellysse Lindley, a Miss Teen Canada World 2010 Finalist, Miss Teen Skeena-Bulkley Valley World 2010 and currently a third year pre-med student at the University of Victoria, is from Prince Rupert, British Columbia “The City of Rainbows” and “Halibut Capital of the World.”

Ellysse is a proud member of the University of Victoria Dance Company in addition to being an award winning competitive dancer of fifteen years earning two time provincial candidate representative of the Pacific Northwest Coast.

Her dance choreography was recently featured at the “University of Victoria Dance Gala.” Ellysse also sings classically as a coloratura soprano. She has received many scholarships for academic achievement and is using her knowledge of physics to tutor first year Kinesiology and Astronomy students.

Ellysse is the daughter of a brave cancer survivor, her mother, who has given her great strength and focus.  Her father, the local dental surgeon, has inspired her for integrity and dedication. She supports Doctors Without Borders and The Smile Train. 

Both charities help millions of very poor children in developing countries who are suffering from cleft palate and other intra oral deformities.  She also volunteers for The BC Cancer Foundation events and through her sorority, Kappa Beta Gamma, volunteers and fund raises for their philanthropy The Special Olympics.

Ellysse loves the outdoors, is an avid skier, enjoys tennis and when her studies permit golfs with her brother.  She is a strong believer in a healthy active lifestyle and enjoys jogging and can often be found working out at the local gym. Ellysse enjoys travelling and meeting new people.  She works hard at keeping up with current issues on a global and local level.  Every morning you can find her with a “Wake Up Smoothie” watching the morning news while skimming the local newspaper online.

Ellysse is combining her artistic talents with her academic abilities to fulfill her life goal of becoming a plastic surgeon devoted to helping children with burns and cleft palate deformities.

Sponsored by: Family and Friends.

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