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Haley Draper

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Miss Universe Canada 2012 - National Finalist

Haley Draper

Haley Draper

Age: 22 | Height: 5’6″
Hometown: London, ON

Haley recently graduated from the University of Windsor, Ontario where she achieved her Honours Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. Haley currently is working full time as a Registered Nurse at the University Hospital in London, Ontario, and at St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital in St. Thomas, Ontario.

Haley believes that she has a very rewarding career, as she is able to help other people and their families every day. She has a very caring, loving and kind attitude and enjoys putting smiles on other people’s faces.  She has touched many lives of people in her community with her dedicated work and positive, outgoing personality.

Haley also is a very active young lady. She loves doing things outdoors such as rollerblading, swimming, playing tennis, volleyball and golf. She enjoys playing many different sports and staying fit. At the age of three, she tried on her first pair of hockey skates and never stopped loving the Canadian game.

She began playing competitive hockey at the age of nine and by the age of seventeen she was selected and played on a Junior AA Woman’s hockey team. She loves the game of hockey, and loves being part of a team. She believes in sportsmanship, being a team player and working together. She continued to play hockey while studying at University.

Haley is very passionate about teaching and helping others. She has volunteered at local hockey schools and camps, teaching young children hockey skills and how to skate. Haley anticipates coaching a woman’s hockey team in the future. In addition, she has also had the opportunity to volunteer at a youth group centre where she was an active group leader, providing guidance and advice to young adults in the community.

She helped these young individuals identify what their individual goals were, and how to pursue their dreams. She leads by example and is always setting goals for herself and striving to achieve them. One of her goals in life is to continue her education and obtain her Masters Degree in Nursing in the future. She loves helping people in her community and loves to participate and assist in charity events.

Haley believes in living life to the fullest. She is very thankful for her family and friends who are always supporting her through her life decisions and while obtaining her goals. Haley embraces any new opportunities to help others and seeks to create a positive difference in people’s lives.

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