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Katie Starke

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Miss Universe Canada 2012 - National Finalist

Katie Starke

Age: 21 | Height: 5’11″
Hometown: Uxbridge, ON

Katie is currently in her 3rd year at York University where she is on a full scholarship.  Once Katie graduates with her undergraduate degree in business she plans to gain experience in this industry and continue her education further, completing her Masters in Business Administration (MBA).  Successful businesswomen like Susan Arnold have inspired Katie to value education and set high goals for her future.  

On top of education Katie also values her family.  She is the oldest of 4 siblings and grew up in Uxbridge, Ontario.  Each day Katie strives to lead by example by being a strong, independent and hard working woman.  She feels very proud and fortunate to live in a country where women are valued and given equal opportunities to pursue their dreams. Katie believes today’s women can be anything they want to be.  

Katie’s favourite activities include playing hockey; she has played since she was five years old.  Her hard work and practice over the years has earned her an athletic scholarship at York University to play on the Women’s Ice Hockey team.  She also enjoys: yoga, hiking, running and biking.  Being active and physically fit is an important aspect of each and every day.  In the near future, Katie plans to run a marathon. 

Other interests include charity work.  In particular, Katie enjoys supporting causes that directly affect women such as women’s cancers and women’s shelters.  As well, Katie supports concussion awareness, an issue affecting many hockey players today.  Katie is a spokesperson for

In 2008, Katie was crowned Miss Teen Canada–World and now hopes to be able to represent Canada as Miss Universe Canada 2012; it would be a great honour and a dream come true.

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