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Kylee Jean Apers

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Miss Universe Canada 2012 - National Finalist

Kylee Jean Apers

Age: 24 | Height: 5’7″
Hometown: Armstrong, BC

Kylee is an Okanagan girl… She attended elementary school in Kelowna and high school in the little town of Enderby. Her family had a small farm, but at one point they raised forty registered, red Angus cattle. Kylee was very active in school and also participated in a 4H club for two years.

After graduation, she began her post secondary education to work towards becoming a dental hygienist. She was the youngest dental hygiene graduate in her class and now has her Bachelor in Dental Science. Last year Kylee started doing some local modeling and building a portfolio of work.

Her portfolio impressed Allan International Models of Kelowna who signed her to their agency. Kylee believes that working hard for what you receive not only teaches you how to be successful in life but also to appreciate its worth and not lose sight of what is most important in life.

During her hygiene education Kylee became involved in a number of community events, ranging from walks, galas, and fundraisers, and volunteered at two free or lower income dental clinics. Her favourite aspect of dental hygiene is teaching someone one-on-one. In hygiene school she had the opportunity to see and educate people who were, for the most part, of lower socioeconomic status and without the school would have probably not received dental care.

Firstly, she recalls, the appreciation was mind blowing, but really taking the time with each patient to individually discuss, plan, and carryout their needed treatment still remains the highlight of her dental hygiene career. Kylee hopes to go on a dental mission trip and get involved in other humanitarianism work in the near future.

Kylee believes it’s hard to always believe in yourself and go for your dreams, but that the only limitations you have in life are the ones you impose on yourself. To Kylee, Miss Universe Canada is an amazing opportunity for influence, encouragement, and change.

Sponsored by: Okanagan Woman Magazine, Armstrong Dental Centre, Fitness West, Shepherd’s Home Hardware, Bannister GM, Family and Friends.

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