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Maria Nahri

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Miss Universe Canada 2012 - National Finalist

Maria Nahri

Age: 26 | Height: 5’8″
Hometown: Markham, ON

Maria was born in Damascus, Syria and came to Canada at the age of five. Whether it’s acting, dancing, singing, or sports & fitness, there is no stopping this determined & passionate triple threat performer.

While studying she fell in love with the works of Shakespeare and was fortunate to work with a Theatre company performing for schools & the public in Ontario educating students in Literature and the Arts through voice and performance.

Upon completing her Honours Degree in Theatre at York University Maria has been working in the acting industry starring in commercials and TV shows, most recently you can spot her on NBC’s hit TV series Alphas as a reoccurring role.

Alongside the Arts, this passionate go –getter is also into Fitness, as the drive for Athletics is present in her blood. Her Father, hero and inspiration in her life ignited that flame at an early age. As an Olympic Athlete, her father was her sports coach.

Nonetheless, she didn’t stop here she went on to train intensely in Ballroom and Latin dance and became an Instructor. Maria presently runs her own classes 5 times a week she teaches Dance Fitness and Belly Dance classes. Maria has found great rewards in her work as an instructor.

Helping others achieve goals, self-confidence, healthy lifestyles and a positive body image makes her work that much more fulfilling.

As well as teaching, Maria was introduced to CrossFit, a strength and conditioning system that combines Olympic lifting, sprinting, gymnastics & power lifting techniques infused in a high intensity workout. Training at CrossFit Markham has affected her life positively in every aspect. 

Maria was honoured to receive two awards at the Miss Universe Canada regional competition, Miss Congeniality and Miss People’s Choice award. Her bubbly personality and infectious smile is what makes people around her want to interact with her on a daily basis. She is a strong, fearless and a passionate leader that will go above and beyond in anything that is asked of her.

Motto: Work for a cause, not for applause

Sponsored by: Family and Friends.

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