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Mariangela Avila

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Miss Universe Canada 2012 - National Finalist

Mariangela Avila

Age:19 | Height: 4’9″
Hometown: Calgary, AB

One small girl, with very big dreams is a phrase that would describe Mariangela. She is ambitious, strong, optimistic, independent and driven.  Mariangela was born in Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela and lived there until she was eight years old.

At that time she moved to Calgary, Alberta along with the rest of her family, and has lived there ever since. As the oldest child she is always striving to set a good example for her younger siblings.

Mariangela is currently enrolled at the University of Calgary, pursing a Bachelor of Science degree and hopes to be accepted in Medicine shortly after graduating. She would like to specialize in either Cardiology or Obstetrics.

Mariangela has always felt a very strong vocation for helping others and she dreams of someday being remembered as a hero. As a result of this, volunteering has been a very important part of her life.

She has dedicated her time to important events such as CIBC’s Breast Cancer Run for the Cure and, Scotiabank’s Aid’s Walk for Life. One thing that Mariangela is extremely passionate about is donating blood.

She believes that this is something that is so easy yet important for us to take part in therefore, she is a member of her University’s Red Cross Club where she promotes donating and provides updates on mobile clinics.  As well, you may find Mariangela on the worldwide database for the One Match Stem and Blood Marrow Network.

During her free time you would probably see her either at the gym, sleeping, or having fun with friends and family.  She has become very interested in learning about “clean” eating as well as ways to incorporate super foods into her diet. Mariangela is a believer that what is on the outside is good representation of how we are on the inside. One of her short-term goals is to prepare her body as if she were to compete in a fitness competition.

The one quality Mariangela admires most in people is their ability to smile, she believes that all of us will have to face tough times at some point or another but what is most important is what you learn and how much stronger you come out in the end. She is very optimistic about life and believes that all her dreams can come true as long as she works hard and sets her mind to it. After all, everything is very much mind over matter.

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