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Marta Jablonska

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Miss Universe Canada 2012 - National Finalist

Marta Jablonska

Age: 24 | Height: 5’10″
Hometown: Hamilton, ON

Always on the quest for new adventures, Marta Jablonska is a passionate young woman whose self-confidence and curious nature lead her to live life to the fullest and never say no to an opportunity.

Born in Warsaw, Poland, Marta came to Canada at the age of 6. Not understanding a word of English and having to learn the language quickly was the first challenge that inspired Marta to cultivate a profound interest for different cultures and languages. Marta is now fluent in Polish, English & French and is learning Spanish.

After secondary school, Marta moved to Montreal to attend McGill University. This allowed Marta to explore more of Canada’s cultural diversity and immerse herself in the francophone setting. Gifted with a creative, energetic and charismatic personality, Marta was also chosen to teach an undergraduate course as part of a special program at McGill.

Determined to keep expanding her horizons and to discover more of what the world has to offer, Marta recently embarked on a journey around the world, visiting New Zealand, Thailand, South Korea, Beijing, Barbados and various parts of North America over the past year. Nothing makes Marta happier than learning about new customs, foods and landmarks, while mixing with locals and exploring nature’s beauty.

Traveling has also exposed Marta to poverty and hardships in under-developed parts of the world. As a first-hand witness while volunteering in Argentina, Marta realizes the importance of a good support system for children. Being inspired by “Club Union de los Pibes,” an after-school program for children with difficult home lives, Marta is in the process of starting her own Sunny Sundays Project for Canadian children with similar situations. She is excited about spearheading the first annual Dine & Dance for SOS fundraising gala this year as well. Marta’s caring nature and exceptional entrepreneurial aptitude are qualities that will not only drive these projects to completion but set them up for success in the future.

Being ambitious, Marta does not only aspire to have a fulfilling personal life but excels in the professional and academic setting as well. She is currently working in Marketing while completing her MBA part-time. As a fervent believer in education, Marta’s future plan is to complete a PhD and become a Professor. Finally, she is looking to find ways to help others transform their lives for the better and is a Certified Holistic Health Counsellor from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

Marta loves to laugh, be in the sun and do anything active outdoors. She also loves going to the movies, rock climbing, exploring extreme sports and playing word games with her friends. Her mantra for life includes “Do the unexpected,” and “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage,” which will continue to guide her as she embarks on her next adventure to become Miss Universe Canada. If Marta is selected to represent her country, she will do so with pride and grace, in the same way she approaches every aspect of her life- by giving the opportunity 110%.

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