Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Miss Uruguay 2012 Finalists

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* Miss Uruguay 2012 - Finalists
* Miss Uruguay 2011 - Winners (Universo and Mundo)
* Miss Universo Uruguay 2011 - Fernanda Semino PHOTOS
* Miss Mundo Uruguay 2011 - Belen Sogliano PHOTOS
* Miss Uruguay 2011 - Finalists
* Miss Universo Uruguay 2010 - Contestants
* Miss Universo Uruguay 2010 is Stephany Ortega ( from Rocha )
* Miss Mundo Uruguay 2010 is Eliana Oliveira ( from Maldonado )
* Miss Universo Uruguay 2009 is Cintia Dottone / Contestants
* Selected as Miss Earth Uruguay 2011 - Diana Banchero

Miss Uruguay 2012 will be crowned on May 31, in Punta del Este, Uruguay. Two winners are crowned. One of them represents Uruguay at Miss Universe 2012 and the other in Miss World 2012, both on the same year. The first runner-up goes to Miss International. The pageant also sends candidates to several other pageants, such as Reina Hispanoamericana, Miss Continente Americano, Reinado Internacional del Café and Miss Maja Mundial.

Meet Miss Uruguay 2012 Finalists

Agustina Mederos

Allison Fernandez

Analia Maimo

Antonella Solivellas

Camila Lorenzo

Camila Vezosso

Carolina Alvarez

Catherine Coelho

Fiorella Antognazza

Gabriela Marichal

Leticia Garcia

Lucia Vidal

Magela Ferreira

Paola Risso

Paula Cuas

Valentina Henderson

Valentina Volpe

Veronica Losada

Victoria German

Leticia Gonzalez

Camila Kubachek

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