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Liudmyla Kuzmina Represent Crimea in 2012 Miss Eart Pageant

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* Queen of Crimea 2012 ( or Miss Crimea ) - Valeria Voronova
* Queen of Crimea 2011 ( or Miss Crimea ) - Nina Astrakhantseva
* Queen of Crimea 2010 ( or Miss Crimea ) - Anastasiya Sienina

* Miss Earth Crimea 2012 - Liudmyla Kuzmina Represent Crimea in 2012 Miss Earth Pageant
* Miss Earth Crimea 2011 - Nina Astrakhantseva
* Miss Earth Crimea 2010 - Anastasiya Sienina

24-year-old model Liudmyla Kuzmina is Miss Earth Crimea 2012. Liudmyla from Simferopol stands 1.78 m. She will represent Crimea in the upcoming Miss Earth 2012 beauty pageant to be held in the Philippines on Sunday night of 28th October, 2012.

Miss Earth Crimea 2012, Liudmyla Kuzmina

She competed at the Queen of Ukraine 2012 beauty pageant held at National Opera of Ukraine last on April 25th, 2012 and was the third runner-up (second Vice-Queen of Ukraine 2012) in the pageant.

Liudmyla Kuzmina was the third runner-up in the Queen of Ukraine 2012 pageant

Liudmyla Kuzmina will travel to Indonesia and Philippines for almost a month of environmental campaigns and activities leading up to the grand finale of Miss Earth 2012 pageant.

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