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Road to Miss Guatemala 2013 - Meet Candidates

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Miss Universe Guatemala 2012 Laura Godoy

Road to Miss Guatemala 2013 has officially begun. Casting calls have gone out. This year will be completely different from previous years. We are starting up fresh with a new organization under new ownership. The old organization ( if we can call it an organization) was a complete mess and a total embarrassment. Hopefully this new organization won't disappoint.

Gira de la Belleza Nacional (National Tour of Beauty) will consist of 3 preliminaries this year held in different parts of the country.

  • The first will be a swimsuit preliminary and will be held in Escuintla, Guatemala.
  • The second will be held in Coban, Guatemala and will feature costumes from each department/state that is being represented.
  • The third preliminary will be held in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala and will feature evening gowns. During the evening gown presentation, Miss Guatemala World will also be chosen.

The event will take place sometime in June.

The chosen winner will represent Guatemala at the Miss Universe 2013 and at Miss Continente Americano 2013. Miss World Guatemala will represent Guatemala at the Miss World 2013. Miss Guatemala Internacional will represent Guatemala at the Miss International 2013.

Checkout here Miss Guatemala 2013 Candidates (update Jan 2013)

Miss Alta Verapaz:Ilse Renate Klug Hengstenberg (Miss Guatemala 2013 Candidate)
1. Miss Alta Verapaz: Ilse Renate Klug Hengstenberg
, 23 años – 1.76 mts.

Miss Chiquimula: Saida Nineth Jerónimo Valenzuela (Miss Guatemala 2013 Candidate)

2. Miss Chiquimula: Saida Nineth Jerónimo Valenzuela
, 21 años – 1.68 mts.

3. Miss Ciudad Capital: Ana Luisa Montúfar Urrutia
, 19 años – 1.72 mts.
4. Miss Distrito Central: Ana Beatriz Rodas Vásquez, 26 años – 1.68 mts.
5. Miss Distrito Sur: Susana Mercedes Membreño Flores, 21 años – 1.70 mts.
6. Miss El Progreso: Cinthya Abigaíl Palencia Véliz, 20 años – 1.68 mts.
7. Miss Guatemala Depto.: Karla Loraine Quinto Turcios, 24 años – 1.70 mts.
8. Miss Guatemala USA: Karina Morales Illescas, 18 años – 1.74 mts.
9. Miss Izabal: Amy Dayanara Moreno Villeda, 21 años – 1.72 mts.
10. Miss Quetzaltenango: Ana Alejandra Mayela Aguilar Rivas, 24 años – 1.68 mts.
11. Miss Zacapa: Yohely Anayté López, 19 años – 1.74 mts.

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