Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Lorena Romaso Crowned Miss Atlántico Internacional 2013

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* Miss Atlántico Internacional 2013 - Lorena Romaso ( with Top 3 ) / Candidates
* Miss Atlántico Internacional 2013 - Lorena Romaso ALBUM
* Miss Atlántico Internacional 2012 - Catherine de Zorzi of Venezuela
* Miss Atlántico Internacional 2011 - Michelle Gildenhuys of South Africa / Contestants
* Miss Atlántico Internacional 2010 - Jéssica Guillén of Venezuela / Contestants
* Miss Atlántico Internacional 2009 - Eliana Quinteros of Ecuador / Contestants

From left to right: Venezuela (3rd), Uruguay (Miss Atlantic International 2013), Brazil (2nd).

Another “hometown girl” was crowned in an international beauty contest: Miss Uruguay, Lorena Romaso, emerged as the winner, eding out 2nd placed Miss Brazil, Luíza Lorellay, and Georgina Bachour of Venezuela, who finished in third place.

Beautiful Miss Uruguay, although competing at home, had always been considered the “front-runner” on this contest. Her victory did not raise any criticism even among international pageant followers.

13 beauties competed in what was the pageant’s 18th edition. It happened in Punta del Este, on February 2nd.

Courtesy of Alvaro Petrone & globalbeauties

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