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Road to Miss USA 2014 (State Winner, Crowning Moment)

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Miss USA 2013, Erin Brady of Connecticut

Miss USA 2014, will be the 63rd Miss USA pageant, It will be held at the Baton Rouge River Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on June 8, 2014. Erin Brady of Connecticut will crown her successor at the end of the event. All fifty states and the District of Columbia will be competing and it will be televised on NBC. The winner will represent the USA at Miss Universe 2014.

The date and venue was revealed by Donald Trump and Miss USA 2013 Erin Brady of Connecticut on March 13, 2014 during Today. However, it was reported that the delegates will be staying at the L'Auberge Casino and Hotel in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, ahead of this announcement.

The new Beauty Miss USA Qeen  will represent the United States of America at Miss Universe 2014. If new Miss USA 2014 wins the Miss Universe title, she will become the Nineth titleholder form USA to crown the title of Miss Universe.


State Name Note / Crowning Moment
Alabama Alabama
Jesica Warren Alhberg
* VDO : Miss Alabama USA 2014, Jesica Ahlberg Crowning Moment
Alaska Alaska
Kendall Bautista
Arizona Arizona
Jordan Wessel
Jordan Wessel ALBUM
Jordan Wessel FB
* Jordan Wessel Crowned Miss Arizona USA 2014
* Miss Arizona USA 2014 - Official Contestants
* Miss Arizona USA FB
Arkansas Arkansas
Helen Wisner
* VDO : Miss Arkansas USA 2014, Helen Wisner Crowning Moment
California California
Cassandra Kunze
Cassandra Kunze ALBUM
Cassandra Kunze FB
Cassandra Kunze FB2
* VDO The Crown of Miss California USA 2014, Cassandra Kunze
* Miss CA 2013 Final Results / Contestants
* Previously Miss Teenage California 2012
* Miss California USA FB
Colorado Colorado
Eleanna Livaditis
Connecticut Connecticut
Desirée Pérez

VDO : Miss Connecticut USA 2014, Desiree Perez Crowning Moment
Born inVenezuela
Previously Miss Connecticut U.S. International 2013

Delaware Delaware
Kelsey Miller
Previously Miss Delaware Teen USA 2009
Washington, D.C. District of Columbia
Ciera Nicole Butts
Florida Florida
Brittany Oldehoff
Brittany Oldehoff ALBUM
Brittany Oldehoff FB
* Jul 13, 2013
* Meet Miss Florida USA 2014 - Official Contestants
* Miss Florida USA FB
* Previously a model on season 7 of Project Runway
Georgia (U.S. state) Georgia
Tiana Griggs

* VDO : Miss Georgia USA 2014, Tiana Griggs Crowning Moment
* VDO : Miss Georgia USA 2014, Opening Number

Hawaii Hawaii
Moani Hara
Previously Miss Hawaii's Outstanding Teen 2007
Idaho Idaho
Yvette Bennett
Previously Miss Idaho U.S. International 2013
Illinois Illinois
Lexi Atkins
Previously Miss Illinois Teen USA 2010
and 1st runner-up at Miss Teen USA 2010
Indiana Indiana
Mekayla Diehl
* VDO : Miss Indiana USA 2014, Mekayla Diehl Crowning Moment
Iowa Iowa
Carlyn Bradarich
* VDO : Miss Iowa USA 2014, Carlyn Bradarich Crowning Moment
* Sister of Miss Illinois USA 2010, Ashley Bradarich
Kansas Kansas
Audrey Banach
* VDO : Miss Kansas USA 2014, Audrey Banach Crowning Moment
Kentucky Kentucky
Destin Kincer
Louisiana Louisiana
Brittany Guidry
* VDO : Miss Louisiana USA 2014, Brittany Guidry Crowning Moment
* Previously Miss Louisiana Teen USA 2009
and 4th runner up at Miss Teen USA 2009
Maine Maine
Samantha Dahlborg
Maryland Maryland
Taylor Burton
Massachusetts Massachusetts
Caroline Lunny
Previously Miss Massachusetts Teen USA 2008
Michigan Michigan
Elizabeth Ivezaj
* VDO : Miss Michigan USA 2014, Elizabeth Ivezaj Crowning Moment
* Born in Albania
Minnesota Minnesota
Haley O'Brien
* VDO : Miss Minnesota USA 2014, Haley O'Brien Crowning Moment
* Previously Miss Minnesota Teen USA 2010
and Miss Collegiate America 2012
Mississippi Mississippi
Chelsea Reardon
* VDO : Miss Mississippi USA 2014, Chelsea Reardon Crowning Moment
Missouri Missouri
Erica Sturdefant
* VDO : Miss Missouri USA 2014, Erica Sturdefant Crowning Moment
* Previously Miss Missouri Teen USA 2010
Montana Montana
Kadie Latimer
Nebraska Nebraska
Amanda Soltero
* VDO : Miss Nebraska USA 2014, Amanda Soltero Crowning Moment
* Previously Miss Nebraska Teen USA 2010
Nevada Nevada
Nia Sanchez
New Hampshire New Hampshire
Bridget Brunet
New Jersey New Jersey
Emily Shah
New Mexico New Mexico
Kamryn Blackwood
New York New York
Candace Kendall
Previously Miss New York Teen USA 2006
North Carolina North Carolina
Olivia Olvera
North Dakota North Dakota
Audra Mari
* VDO : Miss North Dakota USA 2014, Audra Mari Crowning Moment
* Previously Miss North Dakota Teen USA 2011
and 1st runner-up at Miss Teen USA 2011
Ohio Ohio
Madison Gesiotto
* VDO : Miss Ohio USA 2014, Madison Gesiotto Crowning Moment
Oklahoma Oklahoma
Brooklynne Abigail Young
* VDO : Miss Oklahoma USA 2014, Brooklynne Young Crowning Moment
Oregon Oregon
Emma Pelett
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania
Valerie Gatto
* VDO : Miss Pennsylvania USA 2014, Valerie Gatto Crowning Moment
Rhode Island Rhode Island
Christina Palavra
South Carolina South Carolina
Christina Zapolski
South Dakota South Dakota
Brittney Palmer
* VDO : Miss South Dakota USA 2014, Brittney Palmer Crowning Moment
Tennessee Tennessee
Kristy Landers Niedenfuer
* VDO : Miss Tennessee USA 2014, Kristy Landers Crowning Moment
Texas Texas
Lauren Guzman
* VDO : Miss Texas USA 2014, Lauren Guzman Crowning Moment
* Previously Miss Texas Teen USA 2008
Utah Utah
Angelia Layton
Previously Miss Utah Teen USA 2010
and 3rd runner-up at Miss Teen USA 2010
Vermont Vermont
Gina Bernasconi
* VDO : Miss Vermont USA 2014, Gina Bernasconi Crowning Moment
Virginia Virginia
Arielle Rosmarino
Washington (state) Washington
Allyson Rowe
West Virginia West Viriginia
Charisse Haislop
* VDO : Miss West Virginia USA 2014, Charisse Haislop Crowning Moment
Wisconsin Wisconsin
Bisharra Dorre
* VDO : Miss Wisconsin USA 2014, Bishara Dorre Crowning Moment
* Previously Miss Wisconsin Teen USA 2006
and Miss Wisconsin's Outstanding Teen 2007,
top 10 at Miss America's Outstanding Teen 2008
Wyoming Wyoming
Lexi Hill
* VDO : Miss Wyoming USA 2014, Lexi Hill Crowning Moment

The following is an official list of women from USA who have held the title of Miss Universe.

Year Contry Winner Age Height Hometown Pageant Date
Miss Universe 1954 USA Miriam Stevenson 21 5'6" Winnsboro July 24
Miss Universe 1956 USA Carol Morris 20 5'7" Ottumwa July 20
Miss Universe 1960 USA Linda Bement 18 5'6" Salt Lake City July 9
Miss Universe 1967 USA Sylvia Hitchcock 20 5'7" Miami July 15
Miss Universe 1980 USA Shawn Weatherly 20 5'8" Sumter July 7
Miss Universe 1995 USA Chelsi Smith 21 5'8" Deer Park May 12
Miss Universe 1997 USA Brook Mahealani Lee 26 5'7" Pearl City May 16
Miss Universe 2012 (Coverage) USA Olivia Culpo (Album) 20 5'7" Cranston December 19
Miss Universe 2013 USA Erin Brady (Album) 26 5' 8" East Hampton June 16, 2013

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